Wine Storage

Storage of your wine is very important! You don’t want to open that bottle you’ve been keeping for a special occasion, only to find that it’s turned into vinegar.

The most important thing is stable temperature and humidity. Historically, wine has been stored undergound, and soil and rock are excellent insulators. Thus a stable and cool temperature could be maintained even without using artificial cooling. Combined with a (relatively) small entrance, and ideal storeage environment could be maintained.

Unfortunately, not all of us have access to an underground cellar. Fortunately, with modern times comes modern technologies’ answer: a wine cooler. Not as cold as a fridge, a cooler is suitable for all wines, and a good one will be able to be adjusted to set the proper temperature for your wine, whether it is red, white, sparkling or fortified. A variety of sizes are available, so whether you have a collection numbering in the thousands of bottles, or just like to have a couple of nice wines on hand for dinner, there is one for you.

Haier Hvtm12bss 12-Bottle Wine Cellar With Electronic Controls

This is a great unit for sitting on your kitchen benchtop ( or any where else, it’s compact size makes it easy to locate in any convenient place ) and stores a few bottles within easy reach. As a reader of this blog, I’ve arranged for a 10% discount from the discount company Deals Done Dirt Cheap on this or any item from their store. Just use the code OLDWINE at checkout.
Haier Hvtm12bss 12-Bottle Wine Cellar With Electronic Controls


If you need something more substantial, have a look at Wine Racks Of America. They have racking and cooling systems from 10 to 10,000 bottles, so there’s sure to be something for your collection there.

Whisperkool Wine Cellar Cooling

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