Wine Making Kits

The ultimate solution to your wine supply problem – make your own! Not only can you make as much as you can drink, your cost per bottle will peanuts compared to even the cheapest generic wine, and it’ll taste much better!

It’s pretty simple too – put some grape juice in a tub, with the skins for red wine, without the skins for white wine, add a little yeast, and wait. Once the fermentation is done, place your wine in some oak ( if your taste and budget allow ). Then bottle it. Simple.

Of course, if it really were that easy, everyone would do it.
But the good news it that making your own wine is not really that much harder than what I’ve described. The trick is having the correct tools, the correct knowledge, quality grapes, and a little time for nature to work its magic.

A wine making kit can be a great starting place, especially if you’ve never made wine before. It will contain all of the equipment that you need to get started.

Luckily, the last few months have seen a crop of home wine-making guides sprout up on the internet. These guides show you exactly how to make home-made wine yourself – using low cost materials, and with no technical knowledge required.

I’m reviewing the most popular of these kits and guides to determine the best wine making kits and guides around. My reviews so far are here:

Stay tuned, as time and resources permit I’ll add more reviews.

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